Saturday, June 14, 2014

Never Share your feelings with your wife !!


                             Never share feelings with your wife!!

As I came to my senses, I realized I was sitting upright in my bed, shaken and with sweat running down my face. I was still drowsy and was gasping for breath. It wasn’t exactly a good night’s sleep but more of an intermittent slumber. Whilst still twisting my neck, I realized it was early morning but was still dark outside and my wife was peacefully sleeping next to me. I don’t know what had happened, why I had woken up in such a way? Was it a bad dream? I stressed my mind but couldn’t recollect. No, it wasn’t the dreadful Monday either. It must have been a nightmare, I told myself. I don’t remember getting up like this ever before. But whatever it was should have been the worst.

Still in the bed detesting the helplessness, I felt a tremendous urge to get out of the bed and so I did. I badly wanted to divert my attention from these random and incoherent thoughts which probably were an indication that something bad has already happened or is likely to happen. As I peeped into the mirror, I saw half dark rings below my eyes, another indicator of a not-so restful night, another premonition of doom. Unable to stand this sight, I walked off from the front of the mirror still putting a lot of stress on the mind, fighting a vicious battle with myself. My legs took me to the kitchen to grab a coffee.

A little later, I once again found myself in the bed sipping coffee, this time wanting to tell my wife about the premonition. As I looked towards her, I decided not disturb her even though my sleep was ruined. This time, wanting to divert the mind from the negative thoughts I grabbed my smart phone and began reading the updates till I reached the most frustrating one. This was it.. the premonition. I just realised that the feelings I wanted to get rid off were here to stay. It was bad. I looked around in disbelief wanting to find refuge from such a horrendous moment.

Unwilling to grapple with the effects any further, I thought I need help.. help from someone who with calm words can pull me out from such an unprecedented situation. I once again looked towards my wife. I didn’t take much time to realize that my soul mate was the one entirely capable of calming my jangling nerves. She can do it with impetuous ease with her sweet words. She was the one who on infinite occasions has provided a back spin to my paranoid mind. She was my terrific-trouble shooter.
It had been a tiring day for her too, but my need to speak up to her was desperate. I brushed aside any thoughts of not disturbing her and gently woke her up.

‘It was a really bad night and I haven’t been able to sleep all night, dear. I was expecting something bad has happened and was right. The ‘bad’ has already happened.. the damage has been done.’

As these words poured out of my mouth, I realized she brushed aside the rustiness and 
was all ears to me. Her sleep too had faded away.

‘What happened?’

“I have some really bad news which has made me feel awful. I know you have had a bad day yesterday, but I wasn’t able to stop myself and was looking forward to talk to you about it.’

‘What is it?’

‘I just got an update on phone.’ I said with a low stuttering voice. ‘Diego Costa has signed up with Chelsea.’

I was really feeling low with the news and unknowingly had lowered my eye-sight while saying this. But after completing the statement, I looked her into the eyes. She was staring back at me. It was a stern look. The next moment, I saw her wanting to get out of the cosy blanket. She was looking around as if trying to grab something. Needless to say… she was on the lookout for something to hit me!! I desperately had to run for cover out of the room.

‘Never…’ I told myself while running out. ‘I would never share my feelings with my wife.’

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The perfect faces of Ladakh

The perfect faces of Ladakh

I don't remember if I was ever so curious to click portraits on any of my previous trips anywhere. And I don't think any thing has changed except the camera. As-a-matter-of-factly.. that is a mighty change indeed. The 18-135mm Canon lens is exceptional for taking close in pictures.

As we know, the life in Ladakh is really harsh. The people who live there have only Summer's to look forward to, I believe (but I found Summer chill engulfing my body too). Because that is when the tourists start coming in and the Ladakhi's open their hearts to them. They are always smiling, cheerful and ever ready to pose for you.

The monks too are really cordial and radiate warmth. They readily mingle with tourists and are always ready to fulfill most whims and fancies of tourists.

 While in Lamayru, this young monk was running from pillar to post to make senior monks comfortable and was always wearing a smile. He readily posed for me when I asked for one.

I saw her the day when we reached Lamayru, but didn't have the courage to ask her to pose for me. When I finally did, I noticed she was continously chanting mantras. It was then I regretted asking her because I thought that may break the train of chants, but she was as serene as ever.

We met the two monks at the Diskit monastery. These gentlemen were eager to know where we had come from and where we were headed to. Knowing we are from Mumbai, one of them mentioned it is a huge city and they are not used to living in such places. But they will be visiting Bangalore soon. The monastries where they live send them to other monastries so that there is interaction between monks.

The two gentlemen above were present at one of the richest monastries of Ladakh - Hemis. The monastery is a home to more than 100 monks, has a huge museum and a souvenir shop. These monks stay at the place, meditate and act as care-takers of the museum and the shop.

More to follow....